Digital Design is an industry that is rapidly evolving. This typically means that whether you are a seasoned veteran or you are new practitioner, it is very important that you keep pace with the latest ideas and conversations in the industry. But how can you stay relevant and updated? Reading blogs is an one of the easiest and quickest ways to remain relevant. And there is certainly no need or time to follow every digital design blog out there, just the right ones will keep you up to date with the latest news, trends and innovation in the sector. Below you will find top digital design blogs including industry leaders as well as niche blogs that discuss innovative topics and provide inspiring, educative, valuable and actionable information:


If you are in a funk and cannot seem to figure out your creativity, this blog has all the inspiration that you need. Although there are other subjects such as tutorials, the core of Abduzeedo is inspirational posts. Blending graphic and web design, photography, typography and architecture, there are thousands of incredible digital designs to gaze upon and rejuvenate your creative inspiration. They post something new every day. They also interview great designers and have week summaries including: video of the week, general design resources, inspirational posts and contests.


Likely the champion of design blogs, Smashing Magazine is a must follow for anyone who loves design, and there is a very good reason for that. The blog is awash with high value articles about typography, design, coding, graphic design and UX. There are loads of free design elements, tutorials and for improving one’s digital design business’s as well. The posts are slightly more technical than other design blogs, which means the appeal of the blog is for digital designers who seek highly technical data about design. Over 60,000 subscribers can’t be wrong.


With thousands of posts related to graphic design, web design and UX/U. Speckyboy is a one stop blog for anything a digital designer might need or want. New digital designers well particularly enjoy the posts related to building their design business, improving their productivity and ideas for broadening their skills and finding inspiration. Another aspect that makes this blog stand out is that the posts are written in a simple manner that is fun to read. You will learn new things without feeling like you are back in a design school.


Sharing trendy and great findings, techniques and tips for designers, you will learn a lot to help you tackle design projects at Digital Telepathy or you will pick some expert ideas to help you transform your graphic skills to the digital world. The main objective of Digital Telepathy is to promote a better online world through enhancing the art of digital design. They have hundreds of in depth posts, tutorials, guides and how’s to resources around the web. There is also a collection of inspirational articles that mainly focus on design. They have a business category that is ripe with great tidbits of business insights that will help you create a better design business environment. Another unique feature of this blog is their wide collection of philosophical posts that border into the how and why of digital design.


Want to sharpen your digital design skills? Well becoming savvy with CSS should be high on the list of blogs that you must follow. The blog is not only awash with tips on the essential style sheet language but also offers in depth advice and updates on the trends in other areas of design. There are articles on upcoming trends in design, how to posts for spicing up your next digital design, tutorials on almost everything from CSS to Photoshop and freebies like patterns, fonts and wallpapers.


As you can see whether you are a veteran or you are digital design novice, there is no shortage of design resources to help you find inspiration and learn new tricks. With these 5 great blogs at your disposal there is no excuse for poorly digitally designed materials. These blogs are nice resources for a near daily dose of data on freebies, how-to posts and design trends. The blogs are multifaceted in their approaches to topics on a little bit of everything. So hop to it and check them out!