PokerStars has added a new face to their Team Pro lineup. Marcus Hellner, Sweden’s two time gold medalist in the Winter Olympics, now joins the burgeoning roster of professional athletes at PokerStars.

“Certainly,” commented, “Hellner joins the site with a fair deal of experience playing poker and recently competed against fellow Olympic cross-country skier Peter Northug in a three-part challenge that involved a heads-up match, last-longer bet and a ski race.”

Several other big names have recently signed on with togel Singapore , including racing driver Gualter Salles, field hockey’s Fatima Moreira de Melo, and Tennis star Boris Becker.

Hellner, for his part, is now free to appear both live and online under the PokerStars banner. He’ll be playing under the user name of “M.Hellner”, making him fairly easy to find. Though he has failed to cash in a live event thus far, it seems to be only a matter of time before the 25 year-old makes his mark.

GBT and the DOJ Reach an Agreement

Full Tilt Poker players, in the United States and abroad, have a lot to rejoice about with the Department of Justice and Group Bernard Tapie having signed a letter agreement. The agreement basically allows GBT to purchase the assets of Full Tilt Poker from the United States. This is great news for Full Tilt Poker players as any money they may have on the online poker site will soon be accessible.

The agreement between the DOJ and GBT is the first step in this process. Full Tilt Poker shareholders must agree on forfeiture of the company to the Department of Justice. According to Full Tilt Poker, they will be forfeiting their assets to the DOJ as soon as possible. The DOJ will then basically sell the assets to GBT for $80 million, and GBT will own the FTP brand. Non-American players will be paid out through the new FTP brand while American players will need to file for reimbursement through the DOJ as a remission fund.

Hopefully, this entire ordeal will reach its resolution soon. Many questions still remain, however. For example, how long will this process take? Will the new Full Tilt Poker be allowed to re-enter the American market? Will it be successful in gaining the trust of their once faithful players? Only time will tell. Comment below and tell us what you think in response to these questions!