Our traffic is spread across all countries worldwide and advetisers get access to hundreds of exclusive publishers     Conversion Tracking & Optimization Why spend good advertising dollars on traffic that doesn’t work? Utilize action tracking to optimize campaigns to only the sites that work for you.     Self-Serve or Managed Accounts We offer a fully hands […]

Standard display desktop and mobile ad units, pop unders, sliders, redirects, and more Global Coverage or Passback We provide 100% fill rate or we pass it back to you Ad Safety All advertiser campaigns are manually checked by internal and external monitoring services and are routinely monitored On-time Payments Lead by industry veterans with over […]

The best ideas that you read or hear are often forgotten (or the details lost) by the time you are ready to incorporate them.  We’ve solved that problem. The Customer Contact Council has launched a new online tool to help you incorporate the right insights and tools into your work when you need them. My Workspace allows […]

I recently came across an article on “Ten Tips for Making Websites Stickier”—a timely topic, as our data shows more and more customers prefer the Web channel as a means of self-serving. Unfortunately, data from the very same study on Cost Savings Customers Want underscores the truth about these customers—oftentimes, they don’t stay in the channel very long. […]

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The Bible should be studied with an open mind. If we believe that it is inspired by God, we should also believe that He is capable of delivering His Word without error or contradictions, despite the d

Except when clearly contradicted by these additional rules, the General Rules of Pocket Billiards apply. OBJECT OF THE GAME. Eight Ball is a call shot game played with a cue ball and fifteen object ba

Visit mid-week. Hotel rooms often cost three to four times as much on the weekends as during the week!  Plus, with weekend crowds you’ll wait in line for everything.  Mid-week visitors save to

먹튀검증업체 – Card Counting in Blackjack

먹튀검증업체 is a game that is geared to the house or dealer in a variety of ways. A player must go first and if they go bust their stake goes to the dealer even if he or she subsequently goes bust. Players have always tried to find a way to beat the system and card counting in blackjack is one of the most common strategies used. Card counting is a system or strategy used mostly in blackjack games, it takes a lot of practice to do however it can be used in other card games. The principal of card counting has been around since live blackjack started, and as soon as the game moved online as soon so did the card counters. Card counters try to memorise the cards that have come out so they can lower the casino edge by having a good clue which card will come out next, hoping to eventually memorise the order of each card in the deck. For example knowing if all of the high cards already been dealt out would logically lead you to believe the remaining cards are of lower values. Card counting was often easier during an online game as no one was watching you as long as you are quick to memorize the card or write it down – games give a limited amount of

Offline aplikasi live as Their Favorite Online Poker Room

  WannaPlayPoker.net recently held a poll to find out the favorite online aplikasi live room of players. Registered offline players voted and Party Poker turned out to be the most popular site. Poker Stars and Full Tilt trailed behind in the second and third place respectively. WannaPlayPoker is a new site providing service, helping poker players find others of their kind. It also helps players in finding card rooms and organizing home games locally. This site provides service in seven countries as of now such as UK, USA, Canada etc. It has already managed a huge data bank of registered players and home games at the onset. This site began operations around the end of September. Quick Bucks From Playing Online Poker Playing poker for a living has become a trend. Poker players are making quick money playing online poker. A popular poker site among these poker players is, PacificPoker100.com. It is so popular because, the commonly held belief is that most pros do not play on this site. There is a reason behind this too. According to players, one cannot play  more than one table simultaneously, hence pros do not log on to this site. The site, PacificPoker100.com gives out new money players almost $100 upfront. Beginners take the money but mostly lose it before experienced players. It is said that the average poker

AGEN138 Become Major Sponsor of Cox Plate

  AGEN138 Australia will sponsor the Cox Plate for the next five years in a new multi million dollar deal with the Moonee Valley Turf Club. The race will be called the Sportingbet Cox Plate and Sportingbet Australia CEO Michael Sullivan said he was delighted to be sponsoring the premier weight for age race in the country. “The Sportingbet Cox Plate is one of the iconic races in this country and no race has produced champions like it has over its near 100 year history,” Sullivan said. “This is the biggest single commitment we have ever made to a sporting or racing organisation which shows just how much faith we have in the race and the Moonee Valley Turf Club.” Sullivan said the sponsorship was a further commitment to the Victorian racing industry on top of the product fee paid to Racing Victoria and numerous other sponsorships. “I have always said Sportingbet would contribute well over and above the product fee we pay to RVL and this is another example of how committed we are to ensuring racing in Victoria continues to grow,” he said. “This sponsorship will see Sportingbet contribute over $5m to the industry in Victoria alone next year in product fees and sponsorship.” Already an existing sponsor of the MVRC, the new enhanced deal will make Sportingbet Australia the major sponsor of

slot online Players Robbed at Gunpoint & Forced to Strip

  I typically play in some of the private card clubs here in Dallas, and one concern I’ve always had is about the security at such places. I have a bit of fear that I’m going to be robbed at one of them, especially when I’m walking out of there at dawn with a grand or so in my pocket. The news that a private card room in Ohio was robbed at gunpoint and the players were forced to strip in order to give the robbers more time to get away didn’t do anything to alleviate my fears. All the more reason to play slot online. National Lampoon’s Strip Poker? When Victoria’s Secret decided to launch a new viral marketing campaign to take advantage of all the searches for poker, I didn’t think much of it until I saw them at #1 for the phrase ‘party poker’ in Google. They’d apparently convinced every advertising blog in the country to talk about their new ‘pink pany poker party’ and the resulting Google-bomb worked. But the whole thing highlighted something else that’s been on my mind a lot lately – gender and poker. I’m amazed at the interest in women who play poker, and I’m not quite sure I understand it. I know that Pokerstars celeb Jennicide gets an unbelievable amount of attention, and while she is

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