WannaPlayPoker.net recently held a poll to find out the favorite online aplikasi live room of players. Registered offline players voted and Party Poker turned out to be the most popular site. Poker Stars and Full Tilt trailed behind in the second and third place respectively. WannaPlayPoker is a new site providing service, helping poker players find others of their kind. It also helps players in finding card rooms and organizing home games locally. This site provides service in seven countries as of now such as UK, USA, Canada etc. It has already managed a huge data bank of registered players and home games at the onset. This site began operations around the end of September.

Quick Bucks From Playing Online Poker

Playing poker for a living has become a trend. Poker players are making quick money playing online poker. A popular poker site among these poker players is, PacificPoker100.com. It is so popular because, the commonly held belief is that most pros do not play on this site. There is a reason behind this too. According to players, one cannot play  more than one table simultaneously, hence pros do not log on to this site. The site, PacificPoker100.com gives out new money players almost $100 upfront. Beginners take the money but mostly lose it before experienced players. It is said that the average poker player makes about $100 each hour, from playing on this site.

Pacific Poker has a tournament every day called teh $30K guaranteed tournament with a buy in of $33. This gives players a realistic chance to make around $5000 in about 3 hours of work with low risk and high probability with proper strategy to make fast money.

Poker Gaining Moral Acceptance

Poker craze has taken the nation by storm. This includes several Christians who have always been told that gambling is sinful. Poker has found justification and full social acceptance. Christians are now openly betting in home games and in casinos. Poker nights are being organized openly in recent times. What then can one say about the morality of poker. The ever popular game Texas Hold’em holds its own. Christian priests say that christians must be ‘good stewards of God’s money.’

The Bible has little to say on gambling. The only clear biblical reference to gambling, said Claremont School of Theology President Phillip A. Amerson, is when the Roman soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ clothes before crucifying him.