Liz Wahl, an anchor on state-funded Russia Today, shocked viewers last night when she took a stand against President Vladimir Putin… by resigning on air!

“I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin,” Wahl said at the end of her broadcast, following a discussion of the “ethical and moral challenges” she has faced on the Russia Today team.

Wahl hails from a family who escaped Soviet rule during the 1956 Hungarian revolution and is the daughter of a U.S. veteran.

“I’m proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth,” Wahl said. “And that is why, after this newscast, I’m resigning.”

In a statement, Russia Today referred to Wahl’s move as a “self-promotional stunt,” an accusation she denied when later speaking with Anderson Cooper.

Wahl said the concept that she did this “for personal gain … couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

She added that she’d “hesitated to speak on this for a while for fear of repercussion,” but chose to finally act due to belief “the propagandist nature of RT (had come) out in full force” over its coverage of the Ukraine crisis.

“RT is not about the truth; it’s about promoting a Putinist agenda,” Wahl told CNN. “And I can tell you firsthand, it’s about bashing America.”

Celebrity Hair Affair: Ireland Baldwin Goes Purple!

Ireland Baldwin is once again showing off her body online.

But Alec’s teenage daughter isn’t giving us a look at her bra or booty this time around. Nor is this a photo of Ireland Baldwin topless.

Instead, referring to herself as a “fruitcake” on Twitter, Baldwin has posted an image of her new, PURPLE hair.

The dye job was done by stylist Justin Andersson, who has also worked on Miley Cyrus, Kristin Cavallari and Kirsten Dunst – and Ireland writes that she “could get used” to the change.

But should she? Compare Baldwin’s former look with her fresh one now:

Ireland Baldwin has undergone an extreme makeover. Compare her new locks to her old locks and vote now.

And then toggle through this assortment of crazy celebrity hairstyles.

Nancy Pfister Case: William & Nancy Styler Charged with Aspen Resident’s Murder

While she was going to be out of town, Aspen resident Nancy Pfister agreed to rent her home to a doctor and his wife who had moved to the area last fall.

The arrangement apparently did not unfold smoothly.

Pfister, the daughter of a prominent ski resort developer, wrote on Facebook that her tenants would be kicked out within a month, according to the Aspen Daily News:

“The people that were supposedly taking care of my house are not doing what they said they would do … and they’re not paying rent and they haven’t paid utilities.”

A work force agency did indeed move the couple’s possessions out of the residence on Feburary 22, when Pfister, 57, returned to Colorado from Australia.

Four days later, Pfister was found dead in the home.

A friend who came by the house found Pfister’s body in an upstairs closet. This week, authorities arrested the doctor, William Styler III, 65, and his wife.

Both William and Nancy Christine Styler, 62, are being held on suspicion of Pfister’s murder, stunning a close-knit resort community of fewer than 7,000.

Much about the investigation remains unknown.

While it took days for the criminal case to take shape, Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo and prosecutor Andrea Bryan remained silent on the details.

Yet the Stylers were under investigation from the start for Pfister’s slaying, Sheriff DiSalvo said at a news conference after the couple’s arrests Monday.

“We all felt it was crucial … to keep these people within our view,” he said. “First-degree murders don’t happen here too often, that’s good,” he said.

“When they do, we storm it, we throw everything we’ve got at it. Our work is far from over,” he added, stressing it’s his “highest priority” to ensure a fair prosecution.

During a brief court appearance Tuesday, the Stylers didn’t enter a plea, pending the formal filing of charges. William Styler appeared in a wheelchair.

He told his wife, “I can’t stand up for [the judge].”

A public defender, Sarah Steele, told the court that William Styler has “mental health issues that need to be taken care of,” according to the Aspen Times.

The judge did not set bond, and scheduled the next court date for March 17 while the Stylers remain in the Pitkin County Jail until that appearance. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK