Public new usa online casinos 2022 real money no deposit Rules

  Poker calculators are algorithms which through probabilistic (see Poker probability) or statistical (via a Monte Carlo method) means derive a player’s chance of winning, losing, or tying a poker hand. Given the complexities of poker and the constantly changing rules, most new usa online casinos 2022 real money no deposit calculators are statistical machines, probabilities […]

Rockin’ the rtp online

  It’s day #1 for the Main Event, and it’s predictably crazy. The total number of entrants has topped 8500 and it continues to climb. In fact, you’ll be able to enter yourself all the way up until the first level on Monday. I’ve been doing floor work today for the rtp online blog. It’s been […]

Orange Blues sbo

  Here’s a vital update : it STILL doesn’t taste like “orange”. From the last post to this one I’ve sucked down 3 Marlboro Ultra Lights. Its a helluva rollback for me and, this way, if I do get cancer it’ll be the ultra-light variety. Probably just a little discomfort, maybe I’ll drop a few […]

My Parlay slothoki Buddy

  The juice hit me like a mainline cocktail of speed, nitrous, and pure adrenaline. The double down on a greenchip bet drew paint to the blackjack dealer’s eventual 19. $100. I was 21 years old, a neophyte chip-slinger, and out for a night of rowdiness on St. Louis, MO’s riverboats. My friends threw me […]

먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2011 Events 5, 7, and 8 Results

The 2011 PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker is off to an incredible start. Even the removal of American players from the world’s largest poker site has not stopped this year’s SCOOP from once again being a premier online 먹튀검증사이트 tournament series. Events have been blowing past their guarantees, creating massive prize pools with huge first […]

Sun Care Tips and Facts

It’s summer! That means vacation, beaches, tennis and of course sun shine. Although we get Vitamin D from the sun, it is thought that you really don’t need more than minutes of sunshine a week in order to get the required amount. Unfortunately there really is no such thing as a safe tan. So protect […]

On-game Poker-room Leaderboard – July 24th

  As the summer heats up, so does the Ongame Leaderboard. Last week p3rc4 continued to maintain his lead, while the rest of the field struggled to have a shot at the aforementioned massive lead. However, things have changed this week, as consistency has become the name of the game with just one player dropping […]

Schildy1984 wins꽁머니 토토 WCOOP Event 28

  This year’s World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing at 꽁머니 토토 , with players from around the globe competing for awesome prize pools in exciting tournaments. We’re fast-approaching the halfway mark of the series, so a huge amount of cash has already been won but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of it […]

togel Singapore Signs Hellner, Skiing Olympian

PokerStars has added a new face to their Team Pro lineup. Marcus Hellner, Sweden’s two time gold medalist in the Winter Olympics, now joins the burgeoning roster of professional athletes at PokerStars. “Certainly,” commented, “Hellner joins the site with a fair deal of experience playing poker and recently competed against fellow Olympic cross-country skier […]

Quick money deposit guide

To deposit money into your Blackjack Heaven Casino account, click on the CASHIER in the main casino menu. In the Webdollar menu, click on deposit. Choose the method of account deposit in the Cashier menu (credit card, Bank Draft, Neteller etc) A security code will automatically be sent to your registered postal address the first […]