I further put my MTS (Modified Tournament Strategy) to the test last night at Casino Malaysia Tavern APL. It worked extremely well in the early rounds. Limping in with hands like 9 10 and 5 6, if I hit nothing – fold of course. But in two cases I hit a straight draw and either […]

Liz Wahl, Russia Today Anchor, Resigns on Air

  Liz Wahl, an anchor on state-funded Russia Today, shocked viewers last night when she took a stand against President Vladimir Putin… by resigning on air! “I cannot be part of a network funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin,” Wahl said at the end of her broadcast, following a discussion […]

Best Countries to Play Online Developed Locations Edition

  On-line people, sports bettors and all sorts involving “digital nomads” have recently been traipsing the world since notebooks became something. Nevertheless ~ we all know this question of where to be able to live grew to be much more important (for ‘Mexicans at least) after a day we like to relate to since […]

Silverton Casino will pay you $25 to play NL slot onlain

While the Silverton extension is still being finished, one of our coziest poker rooms in town has been displaced to the keno and slots area right in front of where the poker room was. Taking a hit in traffic, Silverton offers a variety of promotions to reward their loyal locals. We liked their no-limit game […]

No indo88 Content Right Now…

  See #3 in yesterday’s post. Other stuff: My Pet Peeves in the Hiring Process Interviewers that don’t call on time When you schedule an interview with me, I have to arrange my schedule accordingly. My kids stay in after-care at school, costing me money when I can least afford it. My wife takes the […]

u.k. poised to legislate Bocoran Slot Gacor betting exchanges

Bocoran Slot Gacor

  The gambling regulation arm of the U.K. government released an internal paper recommending special legislation for appropriate licensing of sports exchanges like Betfair and Bocoran Slot Gacor. While this doesn’t yet change the fact that in the U.S. exchanges are treated no differently than any other betting activities, it’s great to see a major […]

Rocky Peter Auditions for American Idol, Shares Incredible Life Story

  Each week, we know you’re gonna tug at our heartstrings with some moving personal story revolving around some contestant who has had a difficult life… … and each week we totally find ourselves reaching for the Kleenex. In the case of last night’s installment, the final episode before American Idol moves to Hollywood on […]

Situs Judi Slot Rules on Gold’s Cheating

Situs Judi Slot

  Anyone who watched Jamie Gold’s disgusting behavior during the 2006 Situs Judi Slot knows that on at least two occasions, he violated sacred tournament poker rules. On one occasion, Gold told an opponent whom he was friends with that he had “top-top” while the action was still open. You can watch that video here. On […]

Luck has skills at the sanghoki 2008 Aussie Millions!

  The annual Aussie Millions is underway right now, with thousands of players making their way Down Under to take part in the various tournaments on offer. We are sending several players to the Main Event this year, but even the preliminaries have plenty of action. CarbonPoker’s very own sanghoki is one of our staff members […]

Many ways to make Facebook likes:

Facebook ads for real estate

  Facebook was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It is an online social networking site. Users must resister before using the site, after which they make a profile, add other friends, exchange messages and update their profile. In Facebook, friends can like our photos, status, video etc. Users can create profiles with photos, […]